Almost every time a root canal is included in a treatment plan from Ollie or Darsh our clients look quite scared and this is because people tend to think they are very painful, I would probably admit that they even sound painful.

In fact the truth is, the vast majority of root canal procedures proceed painlessly, both during and after each visit and can even be completed in one reservation.

With our modern technology and techniques our clients sit on my sofa afterwards and tell me that their root canal was as unremarkable as having a filling.

Some teeth don’t even require an anaesthetic as the nerve in the tooth has already died, but don’t worry we don’t like surprises either so to make things run smoothly for the client at Ollie or Darsh we would always make sure you were completely comfortable and if it was needed it would always be given.

We provide all of our clients with headphones to wear so that you can block everything out and listen to some tunes or watch a movie or even last night’s TV that you may have missed. On a number of occasions people have even been heard laughing out loud whilst watching a comedy show during their root canal procedure.

So please don’t worry if you do hear this diagnosis in your treatment plan, it really is not painful at all.