I was sat in The Quad in Derby and in a moment of procrastination prior to doing some work I got hold of the Derby Telegraph, for the first time in years. It is a local newspaper and provides various local news stories, as I was reading through the paper I came across the article above, it was front and centre as they usually are, we dentists are prone to a bit of bashing by the press and initially I felt that this article was going the same way.

I read the article in interest and it appears as though Derby locals have been writing in about a particular clinic, from a few years back, and writing in to describe the terrible experiences they have had as children. These experiences led them to have an inner fear of the dentist, quite understandably so by their account. Both people had similar experiences, poor communication, invasive treatment, rude nurses, the list goes on, ultimately they both had a fear of the dentist, the important word here .. HAD!

At the end of both of their statements they both gave account of how they have overcome their fear of the dentist for one person it took nearly 30 years for the other he waited until he was 17 and was looking for a girlfriend which over-ruled his fear of the dentist.

At Ollie & Darsh we understand a there are a great number of people who have rather unwittingly shared similar experiences as this couple, however some of these people whom have become patients ours at Ollie & Darsh have been able to overcome their fear of visiting the dentist. If this is a story that resonates with yourself, please give us a call and come and speak to us for a free no obligation consultation.