Six Month Smiles® has been making great strides in the orthodontic market since it was pioneered in the USA and has gone on to enjoy great success across the globe. Patients want a quick and effective solution to crooked and crowded smiles and 6 Month Smiles® provides this. So we are going to take a look at some of the things that you need to know about the treatment in order to understand why it is continuing to make giant leaps.

Six Month Smiles® braces are discreet

For many adults this is one of the main factors they consider when choosing to go ahead with teeth straightening treatment. The braces are discreet and will not have any major impact upon your lifestyle. There is no need to hide your smile when speaking, smiling or laughing, as the system uses clear brackets and white coated Nickel titanium wires for the ideal cosmetic solution.

Treatment is usually complete within 6 months

What can you do in 6 months, the time in between hygiene appointments? Learn a new language, go travelling and take up some new hobbies – it is also the average time of getting your teeth straightened via Six Month Smiles® treatment. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not: by combining the effectiveness of standard orthodontic mechanics with innovative technology, the brace creates beautiful smiles quickly and effectively.

This is an innovative brace

At Ollie & Darsh® we welcome innovative dental treatments and actively source them for the benefit of our patients. So being able to offer Six Months Smiles®, which uses nickel titanium wires and clear brackets and focuses on completing treatment in a short space of time, this is one we were eager to do. And with 6 Month Smiles Mentor Dr Daz Singh we are able to offer this innovative treatment at its finest.

It’s all about the smile

Many people still choose braces to straighten all of their teeth, but when you think about it, most people only see your front teeth when you smile or laugh. So offering an orthodontic treatment that specifically targets the teeth that show when you smile is ideal and means that treatment time is shortened.

6 Month Smiles® costs too much!

6 Month Smiles® can help improve your confidence by improving your smile. At Ollie & Darsh we have a range of payment plans to help make the treatment as affordable as possible. We provide interest free finance to help patients get the treatment they need without finding themselves in a difficult position. This is subject to status and will need to be discussed with our dental team.

For more information on Six Month Smiles® with Ollie & Darsh visit our treatments page and begin your journey to a straighter, functional smile.