12 months ago LD took advantage of our free consultation to enquire about how best her smile could be improved. She had been to several other dentists who proposed to correct her smile using veneers.

Once the process of veneers was explained to LD, the treatment didn’t appeal for the fact that her natural teeth would have been ‘shaved down’ to create space for the veneers. On her consultation we advised that veneers were unlikely to correct her smile as the final shape of the veneers would appear relatively unaesthetic.

LD has had treatment regarding her smile for a number of years after wearing Fixed metal braces, her condition then relapsed and the picture shows where she was 12 months ago. As veneers was not an option of treatment for LD we provided her with the following choices:

  1. To seek advice from an specialist Orthodontist to completely remove the gaps of her upper and lower teeth.. however this would mean wearing fixed appliances
  2. To close the gaps at the front of her smile using Invisalign and push the upper gap to a point where no one would notice.

LD had completed a great deal of research, watching the videos on YouTube, reading online blogs and also the clinical research on Invisalign, the first option did not appeal as she did not want to wear fixed appliances again and so the relatively invisible Invisalign treatment was the best option for her.

After 12 months of treatment, LD’s issue regarding her smile have resolved and is now wearing Vivera retainers (not that any one notices!). We were able to move the gaps on her upper teeth to the back of her smile and she is really happy about it.

LD’s journey all started with a free consultation, If you or anyone else you know has an issue give us a call on 0151 65 910 65.

AS for LD, she’s now happily smiling away!

Kind Regards