Mathematicians may argue that a circle is merely a set of straight lines put together. The above image was created by Nikolaus Gradwohl and was posted on his blog

What does this have to do with dentistry? Well, it’s just that we constantly have requests from people who would like to have their teeth straighter or straightened.

But, what does this actually mean?

Can we place the teeth in a straight row? Well no, not really.

What we can do is place teeth in an ‘archform’ position so that when a photo is taken from the front, your teeth appear in an line, or rather in proportion to each other, I can talk about Golden proportion, but that is another blog all together. We don’t want any singular tooth dominating the smile, we don’t want to have one tooth in front of another we want to be able to place the teeth in a curve so that all the teeth in a nice arch form.

Below is an example of what I mean,

Here are some shots of an Invisalign patient we are seeing here at Ollie & Darsh, again the main concern is that they would like to have straighter teeth.

What we actually want to achieve is to have teeth in a better arch form and that’s what i call straightening the curve.

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