Ollie and Darsh want to create a deliberate client experience during your free consultations.  We offer you a chance to discuss possible ways to improve your Individual smile and to consider your Individual needs in Suzy’s Suite, an area of the clinic which has a very relaxed atmosphere. You can get comfortable on the soft leather sofa and enjoy a drink and a chat without feeling any pressure. Suzy’s Suite is away from the clinical environment and allows you to speak freely about everything including finances. It is during this consultation where you can find out what Ollie and Darsh have to offer you.

When you walk through our door you will see that Ollie and Darsh is like no other dentist you have visited before. Firstly we offer a ‘meet and greet’ service. an introduction to our team members followed by a guided tour of the clinic ending up in Suzy’s Suite. You will very quickly get to feel you are in the right place without having to spend any money, all we ask is your time.

You will soon realize that our staff have suitable levels of clinical knowledge with effective communication and more importantly very good listening skills so that whatever your concern may be, they are able to consider it and help respond to your request.

The support and advice you receive during your free consultation usually means our clients want to continue building their relationships with us and more often that not they want to continue their journey here at Ollie and Darsh. We will assist you at all times to make each of your reservations as easy and as comfortable as possible so that each time you visit us you will know exactly what treatment you are having, which team member you are seeing and what the likely fees are going to be.

The purpose of the Ollie and Darsh free consultation is to get an idea of what you want, how it can possibly be achieved and to allow you to see if you are interested in the services we offer at our Liverpool City Centre Clinic.

Call 0151 65 910 65 or contact us on facebook by becoming a fan to arrange your free consultation.