On the blog, in YouTube and in various places on the website we provide testimonials from our clients who have visited us and in their way help tell their story and the change made to their life by having their confidence restored through their smile.

SO I thought … Why not tell my experience…

I was approaching my 16th birthday and my dad had an epiphany to get me to see an orthodontist to get my teeth straightened, from memory I didn’t think there was a lot wrong with my lower teeth but I felt an improvement could be made with my upper teeth.

I first saw my general dentist who then referred me to the orthodontic clinic at was then known as the Derby Royal Infirmary. I saw a hygienist who Ok’d my hygiene and an orthodontist who then gave me a treatment plan of :

  • removal of all of my first pre-molars
  • Fixed appliances upper and lower arch

I never feared having my teeth removed, i had them removed over 2 appointments with my regular dentist, the first appointment went fine and the second didn’t go so swimmingly! – enough to say i make sure ALL my patients when they have their teeth removed are completely numb!

I shortly afterwards had my appliances fitted… then all I remember was a regular stream of reviews where i would be told that my teeth were moving well and had my braces tightened.

Now when most people describe this they describe it as an unbelievable pain, I must confess i didn’t feel that way, I felt that they were tight but i didn’t feel that they were all that painful, maybe I was just lucky. At every review I would be given a new set of elastics, I was always amused when they asked what colour as what would happen after a few days, because curry was a stable part of my diet, all the elastics would go a beautiful shade of luminescent green!

Still I persevered, I knew I was good in hands, my only apprehension being that i was in sixth form with braces a look I assure you that no one wants!

I wore my braces for 3 years, through Upper and Lower Sixth Form and also through my first year of dental school, being a fresher at Dental school with braces….. wasn’t all that enjoyable. Whilst I was Uni my review appointments were moved to fit around term time. close to the end of my treatment one of my brackets detached, this was a pain as now it was 4 months before I could have it reattached  again.

This meant that for 4 months my other teeth would align and for 4 months this tooth without a bracket would as i call it ‘have a party by itself’. After going back to the orthodontist the tooth would need another 4 months of treatment to get it back to where it was 8 months ago!

Anyway past all the frustrations and around 2 years of retainer wear, i was very happy and i must say surprised with my final results, in fact i was delighted. I get soem very pleasants comment about  my smile most notably from some of patients.

I can’t describe it as the most fun I’ve ever had but i came out the other end a lot happier than when I started it. This blog described an even that lasted for 3 years in my life, i felt good at the end of it I realize how lucky i was to receive the treatment as part of the NHS.