Last weekend saw the Welsh and English Rugby battle it out for the title of the 2013 RBS Six Nations title. There were many cuts, bruises and a few missing teeth on the day, but Wales won and became the champions of the trophy once again.

It is no secret that rugby is a physical and somewhat brutal sport, with many team members loosing or breaking teeth whilst on the pitch. However, it is not just the rugby field where sporting injuries of knocked out teeth happen. Here are three other sports where tooth loss often occurs:

Ice Hockey

Despite the protection of helmets and padding, ice hockey is a dangerous sport, as a large number of players get their teeth knocked out during games. Due to the frequent occurrence of players losing their teeth, this has now become a status symbol, as the player with fewer teeth is deemed ‘tough’.   There are few players however, who opt for dental implants after having teeth knocked out.


Tooth loss often occurs on the football pitch as players collide with each other when jumping to head the ball or going in to tackle another player. There are a number of famous cases of players who have had their teeth knocked out, such as Paulo Jorge’s collision with Cristiano Ronaldo in a Champions League match, which lost him his front teeth. He later opted for dental implants to replace the missing teeth.


It may be considered more of an American Sport, but the British Cheerleading Association has over 825 registered squads with 24,000 individual Cheerleaders. Each year thousands of cheerleaders go to compete at national events around the UK.

However, there have been numerous cases of cheerleading tooth loss. As cheerleaders have been dropped, fallen from lifts or have accidently head butted other cheerleaders when landing from a throw.

As appearance is everything in this sporting industry, dental implants are always a popular option to improve the cheerleader’s smile appearance

Why Sports Stars Choose Dental Implants?

When tooth loss occurs through a sporting injury, the majority of people opt for a dental implant treatment. This is because a dental implant is a fixed tooth that is tailored to the patient’s mouth and will replace the previous tooth to create a natural appearance in the smile.

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