A lot of people may have been asked for their hand in marriage on Valentines Day and will already have started to consider the big day.

Your wedding day is a very happy occasion, and you will surely spend most of it with a big smile on your face. You will want to be sure that your smile looks its best for your partner, your guests and your pictures. These are a few tips to help maximize the brilliance of your smile.

To plan for a picture perfect smile, start assessing your smile well before the wedding. A visit with your dentist is a good place to start, suggestions can be given about how to make sure that your teeth look their best.

Often the best technique for improving your smile is to whiten your teeth. Nothing ages a person more than stained or yellowed teeth. If your teeth are very tarnished or your wedding is very soon, professional whitening may be the way to go and by having your teeth bleached in the dentist’s chair will produce the most dramatic effects. Your dentist can also provide you with custom whitening trays to use at home to maintain your whitening programme.

Sometimes a bride or groom has gaps, chips, or other imperfections in their smile. Often these things may have bothered you for years, and with the wedding approaching, you may decide that it is finally time to do something about it. Depending on what you are hoping to achieve, you can really improve your smile with Invisalign (Invisible braces) or veneers.

On the subject of the color of your teeth, please do not get carried away with trying to get the whitest smile possible. Even the most perfect teeth are not naturally a blazing white, so overdoing it will just look false. You want your smile to be glowing, but you do not want your teeth to be so bright that they are the first thing people see when they look at your face.

The best way to have a beautiful smile on your wedding day is to try to remain calm and relaxed. When you are able to let go of the stress of planning the wedding, and bask in the joy of the day, your happiness will be clear for all to see. After all, a winning smile and the famous bridal glow start from within.

At Ollie and Darsh we are already treating a number of brides and grooms and I am sure that after today’s celebrations we will be meeting a lot more. So if you are one the lucky ones who has been proposed to and you would like to chat about improving your smile in time for the big day, please call in for a chat and a smile.