At Ollie and Darsh we offer a treatment here called Smile Design, it’s a core cosmetic treatment that we offer here at the clinic.

I wanted smile design because I wanted a little confidence boost.  And I thought after having the consultation with Suzie and I have had a phobia of dentists for years and years.  She just puts you right at ease.

It really helps people that have chipped, broken or missing teeth, most of the people have lost a bit of confidence with their smile as well.

Through using Veneers, Bridges and Crowns, we can look to reshape their smile so that they can become more confident.  And create a smile that they are really happy with, it’s a tailor made solution for each individual client and each individual patient.

But we tend to find that patients have more confidence, a much more enthused smile, through having a treatment like this done.

They took me into meet the dentist and I felt even more relaxed and the smile design was what I really want. I just said let’s just go for it.

The things what the smile design, for that confidence boost, what it can do for you.  It’s like the perfect smile you can’t get any better.