Here at Ollie & Darsh we are 100% committed to the care and comfort of our clients. The way in which we achieve our award winning dental care is through a combination of genuine and heartfelt attention to our patients, alongside the unrivalled, state of the art technology that we boast in our Liverpool city centre clinic.

We want only the best for each and every one of our clients, which is why we ensure our clinic is the very best it can be at all times. In this blog we are welcoming you to take a sneak peek into Ollie & Darsh HQ. Come in and take a look.

Welcoming you to Ollie & Darsh – our reception

This is the view that will greet you when you arrive at Ollie & Darsh. We’ve worked hard to create a warm and comfortable environment to welcome everyone into the clinic because we want everyone to feel at home when they visit the team here.

Getting to know you – Suzy’s suite