Today (Friday January 29th) marks the 25th anniversary of the official patenting of one of the most influential advancements in modern dental implant technology. This anniversary also marks the induction of its inventor into the US’s National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Swedish doctor and anatomy expert Per-Ingvar Branemark will be added to the illustrious list of innovators for his pioneering discovery of osseointegration, better known as the process that occurs when a dental implant is integrated into the jaw bone and fuses in place with the body’s own tissue. This has revolutionised not only dental implant technology but the world of reconstructive surgery in general.

It’s no secret that dental implantation, or a rudimentary form of it, has been used for centuries. We’ve even written a blog about the use of various forms of dental implants throughout the ages. From bamboo pegs in ancient China, to real human teeth in the Victorian period, the desire to replace missing teeth is not a new one.  However it was Branemark’s landmark patent, issued in 1991, which led to the revolution in implant technology that we know so well today.

The patent marked a long struggle for Branemark with the medical community to accept his discovery. Many held the belief that any foreign metal implanted into the body would lead to inflammation and eventual rejection, with the implant technology remaining unapproved from as early as the 70s.

He conducted testing with around 20 volunteers to prove the safety and effectiveness of the titanium implants. His first patient, who received implants in 1965, maintained the same implants until they died 40 years later.

Branemark died in 2014 at the age of 85. He won’t live to see his induction into the hall of fame but he did live to see what was once a widely derided, finding become a revolutionary and widely celebrated medical practice.

Let the technology do the talking with dental implants

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