The following question was asked through Facebook:

Q: i wanna know how long veneers last and how my oral hygiene will have to change if i have them. GL

AA veneer is a thin porcelain laminate shell that can dramatically change the colour and shape of a tooth. In some instances veneers are placed on multiple teeth to completely change the shape of one’s smile, loosely termed as ‘Smile Design’. These thin laminateveneers are adhesively bonded to the surface of the prepared teeth

Veneers when they have been cemented into place well can last from 10-15 years, sometimes even longer. however what is important to know is that after 10-15 years of wearing these beautiful veneers, clients perception of what they want to look like can change and so it can be a great opportunity to look at re-designing their smiles.

Whether you have a filling, veneer or crown we ask all our clients to maintain an optimum level of hygiene, we discuss ways to help our clients and we also closely monitor plaque levels at each hygiene appointment. If someone has veneers at our clinic we ask for no other improvement to hygiene that we do not already advise our clients on a day to day basis.