How can a treatment that can take weeks to do be condensed all in one day?

Well it can at Ollie & Darsh. Using state of the art CAD-CAM technology with our brilliant CEREC unit and a brilliantly artistic Ceramist Andy Lee. On Thursday 06/08/09 we completed our first one-day-smile-design. Our client, Mr. Paul Garratt had 5 veneers made and fitted in the clinic to completely change the way he smiled.

When he first appeared at our clinic confessed that he did not smile much because of the way his teeth appeared on photos. Paul’s lower teeth were chipped, uneven and slightly discoloured, his upper teeth were discoloured, uneven and also had a slightly sloped mid-line (If you drew an imaginary line from the top of the forehead going down the middle of the face, nose and chin – the two upper and lower central teeth should bisect this line evenly hence the term mid-line).

Before Paul came in for his smile design he went through a course of hygiene and also teeth whitening using Enlighten. We had also taken moulds of his teeth and with Andy’s help we created a mock up of what Paul’s new smile would look like. Paul was happy with the mock up was delighted to proceed.

On the Day I had Suzy and Melissa who both more than ably assisted me and Simon Hughes from Sirona was there to help me design the veneers.

The day was lengthy but the outcome was phenomenal. Using the CEREC we individually prepared each tooth and designed them using our CAD-CAM technology before proceeding to the next tooth. We didn’t have use any impression material and Paul felt no sensitivity throughout the whole day! The designing process was particularly important and ensuring that the computer designed what was represented on the mock up was essential, Here Simon was an inspiration in helping to deliver the veneers that we all wanted

Once all 5 teeth were prepared and the veneers milled on site, our star ceramist Andy was then called upon. Spending 3 and half hours on the veneers ensuring their quality and the right look we were finally able to provide Paul with the smile he so wanted.

For Paul, he woke up in the morning with one smile and by the time he put his head on the pillow he had a new smile all in one day. Using the very latest CAD CAM technologies we minimised the time for the procedure and also provided an exceptional result for him.