What are these 5 healthy foods doing to your teeth?

National Smile Month launches next week which is the UK’s largest and longest-running campaign to promote good oral health.

The key messages National Smile Month are promoting are to:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and on at least one other occasion with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.
  • Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.

The hardest of these 3 has got to be cutting down on sugar. The dangers of too much sugar have increasingly been in the news. The Government have given a strong endorsement of the dangers by introducing a Tax of sugar sweetened drinks, set to start in 2018.

Turns out that fat has wrongly been labelled the enemy, and in its place (to make things taste nice) sugar has increasingly crept into our food. So much so, that The World Health Organisation is now recommending no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day for women and 9 teaspoons for men.

The trouble is sugar is everywhere… hiding and lurking in things you really don’t expect it to be. Here are our top 5 ‘healthy’ foods hiding sugar…

1.       Granola and muesli

Even those cereals that you feel really virtuous eating are actually hiding a ton of sugar. Good cereals to eat are Shredded Wheat and Weetabix as these have no added sugar. Try adding cinnamon to ‘sweeten’ them. 

2.       Cereal bars

Better than grabbing a bacon buttie on the way to work? Nope. They often contain more sugar. Remember that honey, although natural, is still a sugar too. If your favourite breakfast snack also contains dried fruit this isn’t as great as it sounds. All the fruit’s sugars are concentrated in the drying process, making them a huge hit of the sweet stuff. 

3.       Low fat Yogurt

Yogurt can be a great addition to your diet, but steer clear of any flavourings, added fruit or low fat version because they are actually full of sugar. When the fat is removed from yogurt, it really doesn’t taste very nice, so sugar is added to make it palatable. Not good for your teeth or health though… stick to full fat versions. Yes really! These are good fats that will keep you fuller for longer, so you’ll be less likely to reach for a snack.

4.       Soup and salad dressings

Sorry, it isn’t just the obvious sweet things that can be hiding sugar. Soup and salad dressings can often have added sugar. Read the list of ingredients when choosing which one to have. The higher up the list of ingredients that you find sugar, the more there is in the product.

5.       Baked beans

A great source of fibre and protein. However, the great British baked bean is hiding over 20g of sugar in one tin. Eek! That’s almost the entire amount of sugar the WHO recommends women can consume in one day.

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