It's a Spa for your Teeth...

How many weeks of the school holidays are left?! As much as we look forward to spending time together it’s fair to say that spending 24/7 with our little darlings can leave the best of us feeling frazzled! What better way to brighten yourself up than to escape visit Ollie and Darsh. Let us pamper you; relax in our comfortable waiting room that feels more like a hotel lounge, read a magazine in peace, sip a HOT drink and tell us exactly what we can do to improve your smile.

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Our recommended treatments for instant effect are:

1.       Teeth whitening

whitening before and after.jpg

There are a couple of different options for whitening, but if you’re looking for instant lift and an excuse to nip out for a couple of hours try our Zoom Laser whitening that can be done in an hour’s appointment.

2.       Hygiene treatment

Don’t underestimate the difference a clean and polish can make to your teeth. Especially if you’ve had cosmetic dentistry before; a hygiene appointment can refresh your smile and bring back the sparkle.

“Ollie & Darsh is a dentist superior to any other I have visited. You are treated like a VIP the minute you enter the doors and the reception staff are so friendly and welcoming.”
— Miriam

3.       Make over that chipped tooth

chipped tooth smaller.jpg

In one appointment we can mask that chip or level out the wonky or short tooth you have to completely transform your smile. The composite is colour matched to your teeth and bonded on.

We promise that you will leave with your shoulders back, head held high and a massive smile on your face. Most importantly you’ll be ready to face the fray once again!

Suzy will be happy to have a no-obligation chat through your options. You can make a reservation by using our online form or calling 0151 236 6578.