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Before any treatment, we must first ascertain the condition of your teeth and gums and diagnose any problems. 

Therefore, we start your journey with a thorough examination that includes:

  • Assessment of the hard and soft tissues in your mouth and jaw joints
  • Free oral cancer screening
  • High resolution digital photographs of the inside and outside of your mouth
  • X-rays, taken using our digital intra-oral sensors
Initial consultation

These procedures give us a complete picture of your oral health, which we then use to compile your individually tailored treatment programme.

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We’ll discuss your treatment goals with cosmetic and remedial therapy in mind, ensuring that you are comfortable with the path you choose to restore your smile to full health.

We closely monitor all markers and request recall reservations to make sure we keep you smiling healthily.



Concerned about mouth cancer? Let us put your mind at ease with our state-of-the-art VELscope early detection oral cancer screening test.



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What our clients say ...

Absolutely superb experience from when you walk through the door and are greeted by a warm smile and welcoming handshake from the reception staff to when you are lead to your specialist for the consultation. I went for a consultation for teeth whitening. They make it very clear that you are under no obligation to decide at the time and discuss the options with you based upon your lifestyle and budget. I left happy and confident that I had chosen the correct clinic. Would definitely recommend Ollie and Darsh to my friends.
— Ben

Consultation & Exam



What is the aim of the consultation?

There is a different story behind everyone who comes in to see us at Ollie & Darsh. However, each individual holds the same interest: to improve their confidence through correcting their smiles.

When a client first joins the clinic we immediately set out to find out more about their story and what their motivation is to have any treatment done. Once we’ve fully understood that and their lifestyle, we can then make recommendations on how to help.

What are the common treatment solutions?

Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles® aligners are usually part of a bigger overall solution that we offer the patient. Based on these solutions, sometimes two or three, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the options. After clinical examination and agreement on the treatment, then we progress to take records.

What happens initially?

Initially, we complete a full clinical examination on our clients and then go through the relevant consent procedures prior to starting any treatment.

With treatments such as Invisalign® and Six Month Smiles®, we need to take a full set of photographs and complete an orthodontic examination (this does not take long!). We then take either a digital scan or an impression.