Nervous about the dentist?

Pain free dentistry

Here at Ollie & Darsh, fear of the dentist is something of the past. We understand that everyone should have access to high quality, caring dental treatment and that fear should not be a barrier


Soothing environment

Our friendly, settling staff are here to provide support and help you overcome nerves. Our quiet and calm environment will soothe any anxiety. You’ll even have access to distracting screens and noise cancelling headphones.

You’re not alone…

If you fear visiting the dentist, you should be reassured that you’re not alone. An estimated 13% of the people in the UK avoid regular dental check-ups due to fear, but anecdotal evidence and the fact that many are reluctant to discuss their phobias, suggests this figure could be significantly higher. 


We have invested in training and equipment that allows even those who are wary of visiting the dentist to be made comfortable enough to receive our fantastic range of treatments.



afraid of the dentist?

Whatever your needs or concerns, from dental pain, self-consciousness about your teeth, nerves or simply a lack of time, Ollie & Darsh are here to help. We will help you to overcome your fear and at the very least help you to relax. We will go at your pace. We will listen. We will hold your hand. 


Don't worry we can help!


Often, the calm, relaxing atmosphere of our clinic and the attention of our caring, staff members is enough to put our clients at ease.

However, if you still find the idea of dental treatment nerve-wracking or unsettling, we can provide dental sedation to help you put your fears aside. Our dedicated team have years of experience behind them and are fully trained to deliver the sedation needs of our clients.

Recently finished a root canal treatment, Suzy said I wouldn’t feel a thing. She was correct, I was too busy watching Devil Wears Prada on the TV while Ollie sorted out my teeth. See you guys soon!
— Martyn