Hygiene Services

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Your oral hygiene is vital to your general health and your appearance. Here at Ollie & Darsh, we believe that prevention is better than cure and we want to help you to maintain your individual smile.


preventative dentistry

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We offer ‘preventative dentistry’ – helping you to maintain a healthy mouth so you can avoid dental treatment like fillings and extractions wherever possible. Building solid relationships with our clients, Ollie & Darsh support every individual with their oral maintenance at home.



Ollie & Darsh


Through a combination of the skill and care of our dentists, and your own oral hygiene efforts at home, you can expect your teeth and gums to be in tip-top condition for life. As a new member at Ollie & Darsh, you will receive a thorough, professional examination. After this, we will sit down with you to discuss any action that needs to be taken to maintain your dental health, as well as your personal requirements.

At your hygiene reservations, we’ll provide you with expert advice on the methods and products to use to make sure your teeth are always clean and your breath fresh. We will also monitor your baseline hygiene and gum status. By doing this, we will be able to provide useful feedback to help you to keep your teeth and gums as clean as possible. We don’t want to spend our time filling decayed teeth, so by investing time in you and advising you on how to improve your oral care routine, we’ll help you to maintain a healthy, happy mouth.



Dental Air Abrasion
& Air Polishing



AquaCare is used for preparing cavities without the need for anesthetic or drilling. AquaCare cuts quickly but predictably, minimizing the removal of healthy tooth material and eliminating the risk of chipping or stress fracturing.

Unlike conventional instruments, AquaCare is not in direct contact with the tooth structure. There is no heat generation, noise, vibration or smell.

AquaCare is also used for:

  • clearing out fissures
  • preparing surfaces for bonding
  • removing current cement residues from crowns and bridges


AquaCare delivers highly efficient cleaning and stain removal. It increases the effectiveness of tooth whitening and can clean deep into the structure of the tooth. The effective technology removes stains from all tooth surfaces, even those difficult to reach pits and crevices which normal cleaning can’t reach.


One of AquaCare’s main features is the patented handpiece. The handpiece delivers a high-speed, comfortable fluid stream. The fluid is fed from a self-contained reservoir within the unit.

The main airstream exits the handpiece at around 80 psi. There are Speed and Powder controls, allowing the Dentist to adjust the pressure and the amount of powder that goes into the device.


Hygiene Services

Case Study

“Ollie & Darsh is a dentist superior to any other I have visited. You are treated like a VIP the minute you enter the doors and the reception staff are so friendly and welcoming."


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By becoming a member at Ollie & Darsh, you will become part of our family and we will be on hand to support you on your journey towards improved oral health and the smile you desire.

Members’ Hygiene Visits

Our guidance will help you to put a fabulous at-home oral hygiene routine in place, but this alone will not ensure a healthy mouth. This is why regular hygiene reservations are included in all Ollie & Darsh memberships.

Your routine will be enhanced by these regular dental hygiene visits, where we will be able to use specialist tools and instruments to ensure your teeth are as clean as they can be. We’ll be able to see and reach places you can’t at home and catch any dental issues early.

Non-Members Hygiene Visits

You don’t have to be a member at Ollie & Darsh to enjoy the benefits of our hygiene reservations - you can book in at any time. If you prefer to ‘pay as you go’, you’ll still have access to all of our specialist tools, treatments and instruments. You’ll receive exactly the same warm, friendly and professional customer service as members.

Simply book a free consultation, so we can identify your needs and advise you on which treatments will deliver your most dazzling smile yet.


What our clients say...

O&D are one of the best businesses to deal with, let alone best dentist. My family has been visiting them every few months for 5 or 6 years to keep our teeth in ship shape condition. I believe prevention is better than cure so I’d rather pay a small amount regularly then a large amount (and pain) infrequently and O&D certainly do take care of us with that. Rather than thinking of them as a dentist, they should be thought of as personal oral management specialists, for the price of a dentist. I never have any concerns about going, and when any remedial work has been required it’s always pain free and comfortable. Everyone is so lovely too. Totally recommended.
— Simon

Hygiene Services



Why use dental hygiene services?

Regular hygiene check-ups can ensure your oral health is maintained and infections and diseases are prevented. Hygiene services are a preventative method that keep your smile happy and healthy – if regular check-ups are avoided, it could potentially lead to undiscovered infections, diseases or even undetected mouth cancer. The best way to avoid dental problems and maintain good oral hygiene is to go to your dentist regularly.

Should I get my teeth cleaned the recommended twice a year?

Typically, people brush and floss their teeth twice a day, which tackles the cleanliness and appearance of your teeth when you look in the mirror. However, what you are not seeing in the mirror requires the recommended twice a year hygienist visits to sustain your dental health and keep your whole mouth happy.

How often should I have oral hygiene check-ups?

Depending on the level of oral hygiene, here at Ollie & Darsh, we recommend a check-up to be scheduled for every 3 to 6 months. This way we can always keep an eye on your oral health and use preventative care to eliminate diseases or infections.