Enlighten Duo Care

Enlighten Duo Care


This kit contains 1 tube of Tooth Serum and 1 tube of Evo White

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Welcome Enlighten Duo Care - the first dual-product of its kind on the market.

Offering a more targeted approach to dental care, Enlighten Duo promises a bright white smile, whilst ensuring that your oral health isn’t compromised! 

AM: Evo White Toothpaste 75ml tube

Start your day by brushing with Evo White - a whitening tooth paste, which delivers a dazzling smile all day long.

Redefining the whitening tooth paste category, Evo White’s unique formula offers:

Safe whitening
Four modes of stain removal
Long lasting plaque inhibition

PM: Tooth Serum Paste 75ml Tube

Just before turning out the lights, complete your oral hygiene routine with our Tooth Serum; a revolutionary nano-repair paste, which gets to work filling in micro damaged enamel while you sleep. 

Tooth Serum is made up of 97% HydroxyApatite - the main mineral which makes up your tooth enamel.  

Brushing with Tooth Serum at the end of day promises: 

Nano-repair of damaged enamel
A high gloss finish
Minimal sensitivity & reduction of white spot lesions